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    olympus_omd_systemJust because you have a fancy camera doesn’t necessarily mean you can take stunning photos. Before you head out and start taking more photos than you could comfortably handle, you might want to familiarize yourself with some of the essential digital SLR accessories. While some are absolutely vital, others are just nice to have. So, what are the best camera accessories you will need as a beginner?

    Memory Card

    Camera manufacturers hardly ever bundle good memory cards with their devices. This is why you need to invest in something that could hold much more than the card that came with your new DSLR. It also makes sense to have a backup card, just in case you misplace or break your current one.

    As a rule of thumb, the card you choose should have a capacity of at least 8 GB. At the very least, a Class 10 card (or faster) made by a recognized manufacturer should do. Ultimately, you’ll know you’ve done it right when you’ll be able to take lots of pictures to improve the likelihood of getting the perfect shot.

    External Flash Units

    Even the best pop-up flash will be somewhat messy. Since the small internal flashes on most DSLRs simply don’t produce enough light, the images tend to look bad. And as any expert will tell you; light is the most important element of photography.

    Having a better external flash unit will not only enhance your low-light shoots, but it also gives you more creative control. From bouncing the flash off other objects to get a light that’s more natural to extending the reach of your unit to areas where very little light is available, your options are almost endless. Some models even come with gel packs that allow you choose different colors for your subjects. With a good flash, you’ll be able to learn how images are affected by various colors, besides having more fun during your shoots.

    Spare Battery

    When you’re traveling or just shooting outdoors, the likelihood of your battery quitting on you are pretty high. The risk of running low on the battery is further amplified when shooting in cold environments. Getting some extra batteries is the best way to ensure you never run out of juice when during extended outdoor shoots. You might also want to carry some spare AA batteries for your flash as well.


    Although you might never need it for indoor portrait shoots, a good tripod is absolutely crucial, especially for low-light/extended exposure landscape photography. With a tripod and a remote trigger, you’ll be able to free up your hands for other crucial tasks during your shoots. This is especially useful when you don’t have an assistant to help you hold a prop or reflector. It could also be of great help when you’re dealing with young kids and try to coax them to smile or laugh.

    You’ll want to ensure the tripod you purchase can comfortably handle at least twice the combined weight of your camera and lens. So try to invest in a good tripod, one that will last long without requiring an upgrade. When shopping, take your camera with you and place it on the tripods you’re considering. Your final choice should remain stable even when you press on your camera while it’s mounted.

    A Camera Bag

    A camera bag will protect your valuable gear and increase its life. But choosing the right camera bag isn’t straightforward. With so many babyincamerabagdifferent options out there, making the right decision can be frustratingly difficult.

    So when shopping, start by looking for a sturdy, spacious backpack that will hold all your staff as you move between locations. The bag you choose should also be well-padded; you want to ensure it can comfortably absorb minor shocks and bumps to prevent damage to your equipment. Overall, keep in mind that your bag will be used heavily; you thus need to put some thought into choosing what will serve you best.

    Considering the hefty amount you’ll likely have shelled out for your new camera, it only makes sense to invest in basic accessories. Truth be told, there’s no end to the list of accessories you will need as your photography hobby becomes more or less like an occupation. That said, these low-cost items will help you create some unique photos and safeguard your equipment as well.

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